About Rua


Rua Laoise is a miniature F1B Goldendoodle.

The name Rua is Irish/Gaelic for red-haired, and Laoise (pronounced Lee-Sha) is Irish for Louise (after my dearly departed Aunt Louise).

Her doggie momma was a miniature Goldendoodle (1/2 Golden Retriever and 1/2 Miniature Poodle) breed back to a Miniature Poodle.  The mix, 3/4 Poodle and 1/4 Golden Retreiver, creates, in Rua’s case, a small (currently 17.4lbs), non-shedding (LOVE that), smart as can be dog.

Rua was born on July 27th, 2010 and came to her forever home on September 24th, 2010.   Rua spent the first two years of her life in Omaha Nebraska, before moving with her momma to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Rua loves jumping, napping, and thieving any paper products she can find.

Rua also has her own website, KangaRua.com where you can buy some of her home-made collars, leashes, and more. (I may have helped a little with the sewing.)

To see more about Rua, check out doodlekisses.com/profile/rua!

This blog was created because I know family and friends are just sick of me talking about Rua all the time and sending out pictures. 

So, this blog will help me share with all of you the joy and love that Rua has brought into my life.

I hope you enjoy the stories and pictures in the Life with Rua!