Fall…the true definition!



Fall actually means Football Season in our house!  I am not by any means a die-hard football fan.  In fact, I really can’t say I watch a lot of football on TV.  Quite honestly, I get really bored most of the time.  Now, if the Minnesota Vikings are playing an exciting game, I can watch for a bit.  But I keep finding my mind thinking about all of the other things I should be doing.  Things like organizing my cupboard shelves, cleaning out the cat box…well, you get my drift.

Now, with that being said, my husband loves watching football.  He has a setup in the lower level with a 60” TV, a blue-ray player, DVR, surround sound and a stainless steel beer fridge!  He goes down there on Saturday afternoons and he comes back up Sunday night.

Last year shortly after we got Rua, I went downstairs and there was Doug, watching the Vikings, anticipating an upcoming deer hunting weekend, and holding Rua.  I realized right then and there that I couldn’t let my feelings for football rub off on Rua.  She needed to show some true team spirit and root on the Vikings with her Papa.

And yes, I have gone over the deep end a bit when it comes to Rua, I admit it, but how could I not get her a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader outfit.  Actually, I had to make it because I couldn’t find one (I even searched Vikings stores in Minnesota last fall and did some on-line surfing).

So, here is the outfit I made for her:

Here is Rua modeling her outfit:

And, my favorite, Rua and her Papa:

Sew (pun intended) now I guess I am going to have to make Rua a Minnesota Golden Gophers Cheerleader outfit!


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  1. hey Dori, LOVE LOVE LOVE the cheerleading outfit. So wish we could get a pic of our girls together in their cheer outfits ! That might even be cuter than with Doug… well probably close anyway 🙂 thanks for sharing. xoxox to all

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