One year ago today we brought home Rua.  It is so hard to believe how quickly the past year has gone by.  My life has changed in a way that I could never have imagined. 

Yes, puppies can be a lot of work: the crying in the middle of the night, the accidents because “we” weren’t paying attention to Rua, the little piranha teeth (still have a scar on the back of my leg), having to make sure one of us went directly home after work, and vast sums of money spent on a new SUV, a crate, travel kennel, bowls, toys, the best food, healthy treats, vet care, pet insurance, clothes (she looks so cute), grooming supplies, a new digital SLR camera (plus a printer, software, external hard drive, tripod, camera bag, etc), daycare and training (and the list seems to keep growing).

But, life has so much more meaning now.  It is richer, fuller and more enjoyable. Every day is something new.  We cuddle, romp, chase, play, tug, chill, train, and learn new things…the bond keeps getting stronger and stronger.  Honestly, I would much rather come home from work and spend time with Rua than to go out to dinner! 

I never knew how much a dog could change a person’s life.  Gotcha Rua!

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  1. It’s the middle of the night and I’m not sure what I am doing up at the computer. Anyway I started ‘surfing’ and found my way here. Initially I wanted to take a good look at Rua’s coat as I saw you love the CC comb and I’m just about to order one. Anyhow I digress. Just wanted to say I love the look of this blog, and especially the Banner. I’ll pop in again sometime to see what interesting things life with the gorgeous Rua brings.

    1. Well, it’s the middle of the night and here I am at my computer! We must be Doodle sisters! I am glad you found your way to Life with Rua and I appreciate your kind words. When I saw the layout for the theme, that picture of Rua immediately came to mind and I knew it would be perfect. I had heard lots of good things about the CC comb and was thinking of ordering it. Mimi Linna had just bought one and brought it with her when we watched Lilly. I tried it out on Rua for just a few strokes and liked it. So, when she came to pick up Lilly, I told her that I did like it and was going to order one, and she said to keep it. That was so generous of her. Anyway, I digress (must happen at 3:12 AM). So, on Sunday, the 2nd, I took the comb to Rua. It really helped me brush Rua out completely…I was finding all kinds of areas I needed to work on. The prior weekend I had actually spent quite a bit of time combing and brushing her out, but forgot to use the CC comb. Thanks again.

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