This is the start of a brand new year, and with that, this year will bring many changes to our lives.  Like many people, I sat down with pencil and paper in hand to create a list of my New Years Resolutions.  Then, I realized I really wanted to start a “Things To Accomplish” list.  So, instead of just putting down a few things for the year, I decided I was going to create an on-going list of things I wanted to do.  It is a combination of resolutions, to-do’s, and a bucket list.  As I cross things off, I am going to add new items.  My list is now 20 items long.

I will share a few:

  1. Become a NICU Rocker (have wanted to do some volunteer work and when someone mentioned this to me last Friday night, I realized this is exactly the kind of thing that I would love doing).
  2. Make one new recipe per month
  3. Learn how to use Photoshop Elements more
  4. Save for a trip to Ireland Summer 2013
  5. Improve photography skills
  6. Lower my cholesterol
  7. Yeah, the normal…eat healthier and get more active

I also realized that Rua needed to have a few ‘Things to Accomplish’ also, so here is her list:

  1. For my Momma, learn to sit to accept petting from a friendly stranger (I can’t help it, my butt doesn’t stay on the ground)
  2. For my Momma, learn to walk on a loose leash (something about passing a CGC test)
  3. Spend more time swimming (need Momma to buy me a pool)
  4. Cuddle with Momma
  5. Don’t chase kitty sister as much Scratch that…that one’s too much fun
  6. Road trips with Momma to visit Doodle friends

And, what would a Life with Rua blog be, without a few new pictures of Rua.

In trying to work on improving photography skills, I was working with a portrait lens:












Here are a few panoramic shots from my deck (these are actually a number of pictures ‘stitched’ together with a software program – it was quite easy, actually):

And finally, Rua in the new little Hoodie I made her (yes, that does say “I love Mommy”).






Happy New Year everyone!

I love my Life with Rua!

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