It has been 1o months since I wrote my last post (though I actually never sent it till today).  I have thought about adding a new post, but just never seemed to get to do that.  What has changed?  Life has changed!  Things are so much different in my Life with Rua here in California that before.

One of the things I realized was that I didn’t have much of a life outside of Rua.  And, while Rua is still the little love of my life, life is unfolding itself to me every day.  Here is a picture of me and Rua taken right after Thanksgiving.  I brought Rua to a photographer’s studio to use the lighting equipment and the props.  The photographer took a few pictures.

The picture below is of a new friend that I met through a photography meetup group (there will be a post on that later).  This is my friend Lala and her dog Sparc!

I posted a gallery with some more of the pictures from my pet photography session.  You can check them out here.

Christmas Poses

I love my Life with Rua!

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