This was written on May 23, 2012, but I never published it, so I am doing it now.

We are moving on in our life, Rua & I.  We have traveled almost 1700 miles to be with family and we are settling into our own little routine.  We have gone from living in a quiet 4200 sq. ft. house overlooking a golf course, to spending most of our time in a 14′ x 10′ room that serves as our sleeping quarters, office and sewing room.  Life is much different living in a household with 3 other adults and 2 other dogs.

When Rua is ready to get up, she’ll walk all over me to come up from the bottom of the bed to give me a “time to get up” kiss.  I usually can convince her to just give me a few more minutes and she’ll snuggle up next to me.  Then, someone in the house makes a sound, and that is all she can take.  Now, the “time to get up” request has more of a sense of urgency.  She will sit, stare at me, and start making a “erhhgg” sound.  Fine, I’ll get up.

All three dogs are feed breakfast at the same time, so as soon as Rua gets up, the three of them are ready for breakfast.  Here is a video on Breakfast time!

Once breakfast is complete, it is play time for the “kids”, Rua & Remy, while Mogie takes a nap.  It is interesting how Rua does almost all of the play and Remy just entices her to continue.

Of course, Rua does need a nap or two during the day to keep up her strength.

And, then a little later, Rua and her best buddy, cousin, Remy, sit and wait for a toy to play with.

I love my Life with Rua!

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  1. Interesting to see that not much has changed in their eating habits!

    You could have taken that breakfast video this morning and it would have been virtually the same! Except for the addition of our weekend house guest Nichi.


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