I am happy to say the packing is done and most of my remaining furniture and belongings (sold most of my furniture, went through 95% of my stuff…purged, donated or kept) were loaded up on a truck on Wednesday, March 28th.  And, most thankfully, the sale of the house closed on Friday, March 30th.  It has been quite a physically and emotionally exhausting ordeal, but that phase is now over.

Now, the ‘living in limbo’ phase has begun.  Rua and our SUV full of stuff moved into Rua’s Papa’s apartment on Wednesday where we will stay until Saturday, April 14th.  I failed to appreciate how protective Rua is of me (all 17.4lbs of her).  A door slams…Rua barks.  A door opens…Rua barks.  A person walks into the apartment building…Rua barks.  I think you get the picture.  OMD (Oh My Doodle)…my poor Bella Rua.  The first 2 days, she alternated between growling and barking…with me trying to assure her Momma was OK and to get over it.  The first 2 nights neither one of us slept much.  I was so exhausted and my body was aching and my heart was broken, but I couldn’t sleep because the room was too light, the bed hurt my back and Rua kept growling and barking.  I tried to keep her quite as I didn’t want to get kicked us out of our temporary living situation!  About 11pm on the third night (Friday, 3/30), after repeatedly trying to keep Rua from growling and barking, I had a brilliant idea…put her in her crate (she stopped sleeping in her crate quite a while ago and I only use it when I leave her alone)!  She settled down and slept for the rest of the night.  Thank God.  So, as much as I will miss my little cuddle bug for the next few weeks, she must feel I am safe and secure when she is in her crate.  I also must say she is getting a bit better during the day and the evening and not growling and barking at every little noise.  Rua will be in daycare during the day while I am at work during my last two weeks at work so I am sure to have a nice, quiet, tired girl during the evening.

Living in Limbo doesn’t mean we stop having fun, though.  Yesterday was a beautiful day out and the Three Dog Bakery (here in Omaha) was sponsoring a fundraising event for the Nebraska Human Society, a Easter Begg Hunt!  In a little open park, they had thousands of plastic Easter eggs, filled with doggie treats and had a best Easter/spring outfit contest and a little cake walk.



While it is hard to believe that Rua didn’t win the prize for Best Spring outfit, she enjoyed the treat-filled eggs and meeting MOST of the other doggies.  As we were leaving, a local TV station reporter stopped us and asked if he could film us for a segment they were doing for the Humane Society.

Another beautiful day on the horizon, with temperatures getting up to 88 degrees today!  So, my Bella Rua and I are going to pack up her carry bag, grab the camera, and go find a park to explore somewhere.

Only 13 more days until we will be leaving Omaha Nebraska for good and hit the road to California.

I love my Life with Rua!

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  1. Hey there- thanks for the update. Good that Rua is getting used to different noises now and might make it easier when she get to CA. Of course there will be new noises here, but at least she will be more used to having noise on a daily basis. Have a good day and sending you lots of love and licks from CA- where by the way it is only 54 degrees- but should get up to 60.

  2. Thanks for the update Dori! I do think that Rua is feeling a bit insecure about her new surroundings and she’s being reactive because of it. Darwin never ever barks but when we move to a new apartment he will bark or growl at startling noises for the first week or so. I think he’s just nervous about new surroundings, but being in his crate always reassures him. I can’t wait to hear about life once you get to CA! Oh, and Rua was robbed, she looks perfect in that spring outfit. 🙂

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