There is a country song playing right now that reminds me of how I feel about Rua.  Can’t remember the exact words, but it is something like “used to leave home early and get home late and now I leave home late and get home early”.  While I know that Rua most likely can make it from 7:30 until 5:00 PM in her crate at home, I just don’t want her to have to spend the whole day in her kennel (she is a big girl now so the only time she spends in her kennel is when she is at home and we are at work or gone during the evening – which rarely happens).

Rua has a schedule, of course.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday, she is home and she is in her kennel.  Tuesday, Thursday, I take her to day care (she loves going to Bark Avenue  That way, she is never home all alone two days in a row.  And, on the days she is home, either me or her papa comes home at lunch time to let her out to go potty and be with her.

Typical M-W-F morning…Rua observes pink Kong being filled with Peanut Butter and she runs into her kennel to wait for her treat.  She is like clockwork.  The past couple of times I have come home for lunch, I have noticed that Rua has been less interested in ME and more interested in a treat.  I arrive home and let Rua out to potty, and then back inside we go.  I usually will take the opportunity to try to eat something (microwave something frozen or find something leftover in the refrigerator).  All of a sudden I realize that Rua is not in site.  I start looking for her…and where do I find her…in her kennel.  Who cares that I came home to spend a few minutes with her…all she is interested in is her afternoon cookie from (the cheesy bacon bites are her favorite).

I have to say that it makes me feel a bit better about the fact that she does spend part of her time in a kennel.  On the other hand I feel a bit slighted that she really cares about those afternoon cookies.

I love my Life with Rua.

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