My Little Christmas Miracle



When I stop and think back on my life, I realize that how truly blessed I have been.  While I didn’t grow up with everything I ever wanted and sometimes I didn’t have everything I needed, I have discovered as I have grown older, that God hasn’t giving me anything I can’t handle.  I do swear, though, that it seems I have had more than my fair share of adversity in my life.  I think I could fill a book…hmmm…perhaps an autobiography is in my future (not!).

And just when I think all is going well and I am in a good place, WHAM, something happens that tears my life apart.  My world was rocked about almost 2 months ago and I am still struggling to understand and to accept.  I keep questioning and wondering, why me?  I don’t ever get an answer, though, which, in and of itself, isn’t really fair.

But, I keep going back to being blessed with the fact that God has never given me anything I can’t handle.  I have to admit that He always knows what’s best and even though it is difficult for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now, I do have faith that I will be a better and stronger person when all is said and done.

I will be alone this Christmas, for the first time in about 35 years.  But, that is where my Little Christmas Miracle, Rua, comes into play.  As I said, God hasn’t ever given me anything I haven’t been able to handle.  And back in September of 2010, He choose Rua to come into my life, knowing that a little over a year later, she would be my Little Christmas Miracle.

It is NOT about the presents nor is about the tree.  It is about the miracle of love at Christmas time.  It is about keeping Christ in Christmas.

So, here is ‘My Little Christmas Miracle’, Rua!

I love my Life with Rua!

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  1. Dori, I just love coming to your blog, I get to see adorable Rua and I get to check in on a loving, sweet person with the strength, faith and courage I admire so much.
    Have a blessed Christmas, I will be thinking about you.
    I wish for you the Peace and Love that you deserve.

    xx00 Lisa & (Daisy)

  2. Dori:

    Happy New Year to you and Rua! You are right – you are a strong woman and you will continue to forge ahead and make life meaningful! Love you much!

    Your Minnesota friend forever,

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