In July I read a post from a Doodle Kisses member ( – a social networking site for Doodle lovers) about having to board her sweet little puppy at a vet’s office while she and her husband went on a trip because Lilly was too young to go to a dog boarding place.  Lilly only lived 1-1/2 hours away, so I offered to “puppy sit” their precious little miniature goldendoodle.

Now, just to clarify, we had never met them, but figured it just wasn’t right that poor Lilly wasn’t going to be with a family, so I asked Doug if he would mind if we offered to puppy sit.  He was on-board with that, so I made the offer and arranged a time when they could come and meet us.  Linda and her husband, Scott, brought Lilly for a visit on August 27th.  As you can see, she also brought “the girls” matching dresses!  Trying to get a 11 week old and 13 month old puppies to look in the same direction was a challenge…they followed the treats.

It was a most successful visit.  Linda & Scott were satisfied that we would take the best care of their little Lilly so we planned for Lilly to spend 9/21 until 9/26 with us.  I have to tell you, I was so excited that Lilly was coming to visit and that Rua was going to have a play friend.

Did I mention that when Lilly arrived she was only 3-1/2 months old and that I had already forgot what that entailed?  Good thing we have a Bissell Spot Bot for pets!  🙂  Rua & Lilly got along really well during their “get aquainted” visit in August, so I was really hoping Rua would be a good girl and be nice to Lilly.  The way they got along totally exceeded all of my expectations.  Rua was the perfect big sister.  They were absolutely great together…got me wanting to get a little sister for Rua (will have to work on that one).

I couldn’t even begin to post all of the pictures I took during those 5 days, but here are a few that show how well they got along.   There are a few more pictures posted in the Gallery under General Pictures of Rua!

Rua let Lilly chase her all over the house (love this picture).

Rua and Lilly shared food, water, and toys.

They kept each other company while “caged”.

Rua and Lilly - Caged

And they just hung out together.

Lilly and Rua

Lilly’s parents came and picked her up on Monday, 9/26.  Believe me, it was quite hard to say goodbye to Lilly.  The good news is we don’t live all that far away so we are going to make sure Rua and her new BFF, Lilly, get together for regular play dates.  The bonus was that Linda & Scott and Doug & I really enjoyed each other’s company, too!

I just love my Life with Rua!

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