Some days you just have to stop and appreciate life.  That is what Life with Rua is all about.  To make a long story short, we are selling our house.  Which means our house needs to be “ready to show” at a moment’s notice.  Somewhat of a pain in some ways, but it’s nice that there isn’t any clutter and it forces me to make the bed every morning (I do like my bed made…just too lazy to always do it).

Yesterday morning we were getting things ready for a showing.  Since it was the weekend, it also meant that it was time to vacuum the carpet, mop the wood floors and get laundry done.  Figured I would even go all out and put the toilet paper on the toilet paper holders (PuffDog, the cat, loves to unwind the rolls, and Rua likes to pull the rolls off).

I am sure you can imagine what happened next.  I came up stairs and there she was:

She immediately distanced herself from the evidence.  “But really, Momma, I am innocent!”

It is a good thing I still had the vacuum cleaner out.

Rua LOVES toilet paper, napkins, kleenex and all other things paper.  She pilfers scraps out of the waste basket all the time.  I keep hoping that she will grow out of the toilet paper fixation she has, but Rua is apparently not ready for that yet.

I couldn’t do anything but smile.  She brings so much joy to my life…how can I get mad over something so trivial.

I just love my Life with Rua!

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