Before Rua even came home, Rua was our little ‘Princess’.  I wanted to dress her up for Halloween, so I bought a cute little pink satin ‘Princess’ dress on-line.  The second day she was home (all 4lbs of her), I started putting her in the dress to get her used to having something on.

Get this off me!

 Ok…I get it…I’m a Princess!

Rua (3 months old, 6.5lbs) as a ‘Princess’, Halloween 2010.

 Does this make my butt look big?

She ‘helped’ me hand out candy and got lots of attention.  She truly was a little Princess.

Fast forward to Halloween 2011.  I wanted to find Rua a ‘Princess’ costume again.  I did alot of searching on-line for the right costume, but I couldn’t find anything I really liked.  I decided I was going to have to make her a costume so I looked for some inspiration and found a Medieval Princess that I really liked.  I bought a bit of ivory and blue satin, some pretty trim and a bit of organza for a hat.

 Finished costume!

 Had to work up to adding the hat.

 Hurry and take the picture!

 It can be tiring being a Princess!

She was the cutest little Princess for Halloween.  The hat didn’t stay on long, but she would run (barking…working on that) to the door with her tail wagging to greet the neighbor kids as they came trick or treating.  The look on the kids faces as they saw Rua run to the door in her little Princess costume was priceless.  It was a wonderful evening!

I just love my Life with Rua!

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